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According to the June 2012 issue of "Chinese-Foreign Toy Manufacturing": having a need to buy is the main reason why consumers are oriented to spend money. However, the design of the store,
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Mr. Zhou: I have a toy store next to an elementary school, specializing in selling various toys for elementary school students. I have just heard that some toy store owners have been sued in court and lost a lot of money for infringing others' design patents by selling counterfeit toys, so I would like to know how to avoid this situation.
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As the 80 generation gradually becomes the main force of home decoration, the anime periphery embraced by the post-80s and even the post-90s also gradually become craft decorations into the home industry,
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In order to meet the various trends and consumer needs in the toy and gift market, the word creativity has never been so important and indispensable as it is today.
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The three-dimensional toy book is a kind of children's educational book with a history of more than 100 years in Europe and the United States, it is both a book and a toy, can read, can see, can move, but also can play;
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Today in 2012, people are generally able to feel some of these things, such as rising costs brought about by the pressure of business development, such as the situation of uneven distribution of foreign trade orders, such as toys and gifts more stringent safety standards, etc.
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